Maker at Heart

Making, it doesn't get much better than that for me!

At least one knitting project is with me at all times. I'm the crazy lady in the grocery store check out line who pulls out her knitting. It keeps me from ever feeling like I'm wasting time because I'm doing something I enjoy, even while waiting in lines.

My journey into selling my creations all started when I won a spinning wheel here on Etsy. Even though I was an avid knitter, I knew nothing about spinning and this was before YouTube videos on the subject. Found some books at the library, got my hands on some fiber, and I was hooked!

Eventually there was more yarn that I could knit myself but I didn't want to stop so I began to share it with friends. They loved the yarn and encouraged me to sell it so here I am.

Now my shop has grown to include hand spun art yarns, hand knit items, hand woven items, hand dyed yarns, project bags, pom-poms, hand carded batts, spinning supplies, dyed locks, and more.

I teach dye classes, knitting workshops, and private lessons in the Chicagoland area regularly. Please message me if you'd like to know my schedule or inquire about a lesson.

Thank you for visiting my shop, have a look around, and please visit my blog to read more about my #ReneeKnitsDreaRenee project.

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